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Thousands of students and teachers all over the India rely on the website clenta.com.

Even though we are not the largest, we care the most. Although you may browse other websites for comparable services, we want you to keep in mind us and recommend us to your friends. We worked hard to earn your admiration.

  • Share knowledge
  • Arouse curiosity
  • Learn confidently
  • Safe & Secure
  • Respect of your data
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Why Choose Clenta?

We think working with a tutor can change your life. Because of this, we pair students with online instructors from all over India and give them the tools and resources they need to design individualised live language lessons. This is how we provide our students progress, foster engagement, and maintain their motivation.


Student hires a tutor either in person or via the internet


A tutor can recruit numerous students to attend lessons at their house or yours.


Institutions Nurturing creativity and innovation through hands-on learning.


How it Works for Tutors

Student Post Requirement

Student Post Tutor Requirement on clenta.com

Receive Notification

Relevant Teachers will get notified on SMS & Email

Contact Student

Interested Teachers will contact the student directly on call.

Teach & Earn

You can start your Tutoring session and earn extra income just by sharing your Knowledge.

Parents/Students Testimonials

What Parents & Students saying

Ushami Student


6th Grade Student

This platform's tutors are amazing. They are not just competent in their professions; they are also enthusiastic about teaching and sincerely care about their students' success. I've had the opportunity to study with several teachers here, and each one has gone above and beyond to ensure that I understand the subject and understand the underlying principles.

Student Mithili


10th Student

The versatility this website provides is one of my favourite features. Whether it's early in the morning or late at night, I can simply book tutoring sessions that work with my hectic academic schedule. Additionally, the user-friendly design makes it simple to connect with an instructor and get started learning right away.

Student Sumi


8th Grade Student

Finally, the website's help team is fantastic. They are always prompt, pleasant, and willing to help with any questions or concerns I have. They've been quite helpful throughout my experience, whether it's with technological issues or finding the proper tutor for a specific subject.

Student Rahul



The personalized approach to tutoring distinguishes this website from others. Tutors examine my individual strengths and limitations, allowing them to adjust their teaching approaches to my specific need. This level of attention and personalized mentoring has really bolstered my confidence and helped me accomplish extraordinary academic improvements.

Vijay Student



In a nutshell, this tutoring website has completely changed my life. It has changed the course of my academic career and enabled me to go through challenges I previously believed were impossible. I highly suggest using this service if you're a student looking for efficient and individualised tutoring. You won't be let down!


How it Works for Students

Register an Account

Register your student account from clenta.com

Post your tuition Requirement

Post a tuition request and its totally free.

Tutor will contact you

Wait for tutor responses, interact with tutors, and gain knowledge.

Learn & Achive

You can begin your tutoring session and improve your knowledge of your weak subjects.

Tutors Testimonials

What tutors are saying




I've been a tutor for several years now, and I can confidently say that this tutoring website is the best platform I've ever worked with. It has provided me with a rewarding and fulfilling experience as an educator, and I'm grateful for the opportunities it has given me.




First and foremost, the website's interface is simple and straightforward to use, making it simple for me to create my profile, demonstrate my skills, and connect with students in need of assistance in my areas of expertise. From scheduling sessions to exchanging resources, the platform streamlines the entire tutoring process, allowing me to focus on what I do best: teaching.



Fulltime Tutor

The support I've received from the website's team has been outstanding. They are attentive, responsive, and truly interested in the success of both tutors and students. They've been there every step of the way, whether it's providing advice on optimizing my profile, resolving any issues I've had, or assisting me in improving my tutoring techniques.




One feature that distinguishes this website is the kind of students I've had the pleasure of working with. They are driven, eager to learn, and dedicated to their academic advancement. This makes my job as a tutor extremely fulfilling because I can see my pupils' progress and triumphs personally.




In conclusion, if you're a tutor seeking a platform that recognizes your skills, provides a supportive environment, and links you with motivated students, this tutoring website is an excellent option. It has taken my tutoring profession to new heights, and I am grateful for the chances it has given me to make a difference in the lives of youngsters.

Online Tutoring at clenta

As a new online learning platform, Clenta strives to build its faculty and give its students the best learning environment possible. We are always working to enhance our teaching practises for the benefit of our pupils. We employ qualified individuals for part-time tutoring positions.

Nowadays, it's difficult to locate part-time online tutoring positions. Coaching organisations frequently limit the opportunities of aspiring teachers who are qualified and enthusiastic about working with pupils but do not hold a college degree. We hire fresh teachers, and we do so only on the basis of their competence, to create a welcoming environment for students. We conduct interviews to determine the qualities a newcomer can bring.

In addition to hiring qualified instructors, we also employ college students as private online tutors. Anyone who is eager to learn has access to both online college courses and online training programmes.

Looking for Tutor?

Looking for Students?

About Clenta

A Perfect Tuition Teacher

What qualities make the ideal Tuition Teacher?

High qualifications, teaching experience, ability to teach your child, etc., but there are some other aspects you might overlook.

We at Clenta are responsible for comparing the credentials and costs, availability in your area, the capacity to comprehend a child's issue and sensibly resolve it, background checks and verification, among other duties, in order to present you with the greatest tuition teacher.

More crucial than having a trained teacher is having a compassionate and understanding one. An understanding instructor will be able to adapt his teaching strategies and educate in a way that ensures the youngster gets the most out of it by recognising your mental capacities and speed.

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Find the answers for the most frequently asked questions below for Home Tuition

What is Clenta.com?

A company called Clenta.com specialises in education and offers teaching positions and teacher openings to people who want to give private lessons to students at home.

How does it works?

Tutors sign up with us, and following the verification process, we give them access to the contact information of needy students so they may get in touch and begin teaching.

How can i start earning?

To discover parents who are eager to engage a home tutor for their child, you can start making money by enlisting as a tutor with us.

What documents are needed for verification?

The tutors must post one photo that is clearly visible, academic credentials, documentation of residence, and an Aadhar card.

Can i call student at my place?

Yes, you can invite students to your location who are willing to travel to the tutor's location.

What is the earning potential?

Tutors who work at home for up to two hours per month might earn between Rs. 10,000 (2 hours per day) and Rs. 85,000 (5-7 hours per day).