STEM Activities for 1st Graders

STEM Activities for 1st Graders

Engage young minds with fun and educational STEM activities for 1st graders! Discover hands-on projects that spark curiosity and foster a love for science, technology, engineering, and math.

First grade is an excellent time for young students to begin their exploration of the fascinating world of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).

STEM activities offer hands-on learning opportunities that promote curiosity, creativity, and problem-solving skills. Here, we will look at a selection of engaging STEM activities made specifically for first graders that will spark their interest and excitement for learning.

1. Create a Rainbow in a Jar

Materials Needed:

Clear glass jar or cup, water, dish soap, vegetable oil, food colouring (red, blue, green, yellow), spoon


1. Fill the jar with water until it is roughly three-quarters full.
2. Add a few drops of each colour of food colouring to the water, distributing them around the jar's edge.
3. Carefully pour vegetable oil into the jar, allowing it to form a layer on top of the water.
4. Dip a spoon into the dish soap and then place it on the surface of the oil. Watch as the colours combine to produce a stunning rainbow effect.

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2. Build a Marshmallow and Toothpick Structure

Materials Needed:

Marshmallows, toothpicks


1. Give students marshmallows and toothpicks.
2. Challenge children to construct constructions like towers, bridges, or geometric shapes with marshmallows as connectors and toothpicks for support.
3. Encourage creativity and experimentation as kids discover new ways to link marshmallows and toothpicks.

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3. Explore Sink or Float with Objects

Materials Needed:

Assorted objects (e.g., coins, buttons, rubber bands, plastic toys), a bowl of water


1. Gather a variety of items and a bowl of water.
2. Ask students to guess whether each object will sink or float in the water.
3. Place each thing in the water and observe the consequences.
4. Talk about density and flotation, and why some objects float and others sink.

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4. Construct a Paper Plate Marble Maze

Materials Needed:

Paper plates, straws, tape, marble


1. Cut a paper plate in half and tape the two pieces together to form a flat surface.
2. Cut the straws into little pieces and attach them to the paper plate to form a maze-like structure.
3. Challenge students to tilt and move the paper plate to lead a marble through the maze from beginning to end.

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5. Build a LEGO Duplo Bridge

Materials Needed:

LEGO Duplo blocks


1. Give kids LEGO Duplo blocks and challenge them to construct a robust bridge.
2. Encourage children to try out different designs and arrangements to build a bridge that can withstand the weight of Duplo figures or other objects.
3. Test the bridges' strength by laying weight on top and seeing how they hold up.

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STEM activities for first graders encourage hands-on investigation, experimenting, and discovery. These exercises help kids develop critical thinking abilities, creativity, and a love of learning. These activities pique students' interest and ignite their imaginations, laying the groundwork for a lifelong adventure of STEM discovery.

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