STEM Activities for second graders

STEM Activities for second graders

Inspire young learners with exciting STEM activities for 2nd graders! Explore hands-on projects that ignite curiosity and build a strong foundation in science, technology, engineering, and math


In today's dynamic educational landscape, cultivating an early interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) is critical for preparing young brains for tomorrow's problems. Second grade is an excellent time to introduce students to the wonders of STEM through interactive, hands-on activities. We give a comprehensive guide to exciting STEM activities intended exclusively for second graders, to ignite curiosity, encourage inquiry, and lay the groundwork for future creativity.

1. Pasta Tower Engineering Challenge

Objective: The goal of building pasta towers is to teach basic engineering principles.

Materials: Materials include various types of pasta (spaghetti, penne, etc.), marshmallows, tape, and a ruler.

Method: Challenge students to construct the largest freestanding tower using just pasta and marshmallows. Encourage them to try out alternative designs and see how the structure's stability changes with changing heights and base widths.

2. Seed Germination Experiment

Objective: Learn about plant life cycles and the elements that influence seed germination.

Materials:  Materials include seeds (beans, radishes, etc.), soil, small pots or cups, water, and sunlight.

Method: Have students plant seeds in soil-filled pots and observe their progress over time. Discuss how water, sunlight, and soil nutrients affect germination. Encourage pupils to keep a notebook of their findings and explain how various elements affect plant growth.

3. Sink or Float Investigation

Objective: Conduct a hands-on experiment to introduce the concepts of buoyancy and density.

Materials: Coins, feathers, corks, plastic toys, and a basin or tub of water.

Method: Ask students to anticipate whether certain objects would sink or float in water, then test their predictions by placing the objects in the basin. Facilitate a discussion about why certain objects float and others sink, focusing on topics such as density and water displacement.

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4. Code with Blockly

Objective: Introduce basic coding ideas using a block-based programming language.

Materials: Materials include internet-connected computers or tablets, as well as the Blockly coding platform.

Method: Guide students through simple coding tasks with Blockly, which allows them to drag and drop blocks to form command sequences. Encourage them to solve puzzles and accomplish challenges that demand logical reasoning and problem-solving abilities.

5. Weather Observation Journal

Objective: Daily observations should help to improve understanding of weather patterns and seasonal changes.

Materials: Weather observation diary (printed or digital), thermometer, rain gauge, wind vane, and weather charts.

Method: Have students create a daily weather journal where they can record observations including temperature, precipitation, wind direction, and cloud cover. Encourage students to evaluate historical trends and forecast future weather conditions.


These STEM activities for second graders aim to spark curiosity, foster critical thinking, and develop fundamental abilities in science, technology, engineering, and math. Educators may spark a passion for STEM in young students by giving hands-on experiences and fostering exploration. This will enable them to become future innovators and problem solvers. Through STEM education, we can encourage every second grader to think creatively, ask bold questions, and embrace the wonders of their surroundings.

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