What Is a Croquis? Learn How to Draw Croquis

What Is a Croquis? Learn How to Draw Croquis

Learn what a croquis is and how to draw one with our step-by-step guide. Perfect your fashion design sketches with tips on proportions, poses, and refinement techniques.

In the field of fashion design, a croquis is a necessary tool for designers to bring their ideas to life. But what exactly is a croquis, and how can you learn to draw it? Here we will teach you everything you need to know about croquis, from the basics to advanced techniques.


What Is a Croquis in Fashion?

A croquis is a rapid sketch of a model in various poses that fashion designers use as a template to illustrate garment concepts. The word "croquis" is derived from the French term meaning "sketch." Croquis are often simple outlines that represent the model's dimensions and stance, allowing designers to focus on the garment rather than the body.


Why Are Croquis Important in Fashion Design?

Consistency: Using a standard croquis ensures uniformity throughout your designs, making it easier to compare and contrast different styles.

Proportion and Fit: A well-drawn croquis allows you to see how your clothing will fit and drape on a human body.

Efficiency: A pre-drawn croquis allows you to swiftly create various concepts without having to redo the model each time.

Creativity: Croquis help you to be more creative with your clothing designs because they liberate you from focusing on the human shape.


What Is Included in a Croquis Sketch?

Fashion croquis sketches focus on the garment rather than the person's depiction. For example, these sketches frequently lack realistic faces, feet, and hands. Once the design concept has been established, fashion images can be added to a croquis painting to show texture, colour, and accessories.


How To Draw a Croquis in 6 Steps

The first step in sketching a croquis is to mark the figure's central balancing line. Separate an 8.5x11-inch piece of paper into nine equal portions. This is the usual "nine head" croquis length. To identify the distinct portions, draw horizontal lines for the nine points, each about an inch and one-eighth in length.

1. Draw a balanced line: Draw a vertical centerline through the figure's centre of balance. This line will begin at the top of the head and extend to the bottom of the figure's legs.

2. Draw the pelvic area: To illustrate the pelvis, draw a square just below the centre of the balancing line. This may be tilted to form various positions.

3. Draw the torso and shoulders: Draw two lines up from the top corners of the pelvic square to form the torso. The line should curve inward at the waist and then back out to form the shoulders. The shoulders should be as wide as the pelvic square.

4. Draw the neck and head: The neck should be one-third of the shoulder breadth and half the length of the head. Draw a circle for the head that is proportional to the body.

5. Draw the legs: The figure's legs should be roughly four times the length of the head generated. The legs are divided into two regions, the thighs and calves. The tops of the thighs should be the same length as the head. Taper the line down to the knee, then to the ankle, such that the ankles are roughly one-fourth the size of the head.

6. Draw the feet and arms: The feet should be around the same length as the head and formed like a triangle. The figure's arms should be slightly longer than they are in real life. Create the arms by drawing tapering lines to the elbow and then again to the wrist. Finish with the hands and fingers.


Tips for Perfecting Your Croquis

Practice: Regular practice will help you become more acquainted with dimensions and positions.

Use References: For inspiration and to develop your croquis, look at fashion periodicals, catwalk displays, and the sketches of other designers.

Templates: If you're new to croquis, use pre-made templates. This can help you better comprehend proportions and positions.

Digital Tools: Consider using digital drawing tools and software to improve and polish your croquis.



A croquis is an essential tool in fashion design, as it allows for a consistent and effective manner to sketch and conceptualize clothing designs. Understanding the proportions, practising regularly, and experimenting with different stances can help you perfect the technique of drawing croquis.

Whether you're a new or seasoned designer, perfecting your croquis will improve your creative process and bring your fashion thoughts to reality.

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