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Required Online Tutor for

Name: Shankar

Grade: Class 11-12
Syllabus: CBSE
Subjects: Maths
Bairagarh, Bhopal

Required Online Tutor for

Name: Abeer

Grade: Class 1-5
Syllabus: CBSE
Subjects: All Subjects
Shivaji Nagar, Bhopal

Required Online Tutor for

Name: Anju Singh

Grade: Class 1-5
Syllabus: ICSE
Subjects: All Subjects
Katara hills, Bhopal

Required Home Tutor for

Name: Rajesh Tripathi

Grade: Class 1-5
Syllabus: CBSE
Subjects: All Subjects
Near jeevan moter, Bhopal

Required Home Tutor for

Name: Arnav

Grade: Class 6-8
Syllabus: CBSE
Subjects: All Subjects
Karond Bhopal , Bhopal

Experienced Home Tutor in Bhopal - Enhance Your Learning

Searching for a reliable home tutor in Bhopal? Our experienced tutors provide personalized attention, helping you excel academically. As professionals in teaching and experience in handling the subject, our tutors can teach students as per their skill set.

We are available in Bhopal local area, listed below and students have the flexibility to choose the tutor on their availability. For every student, we will conduct a free demo class to understand their

Best Home Tutor in Bhopal and Jabalpur

Home tutors are available in all local areas in Bhopal and grade, syllabus, subject,

  • Home Tutor in Bhopal for Nursery to Competitive Exams. Pre-Nursery, Nursery, KG, LKG, UKG, and Academic Classes Classes 1-3, Classes 4-5, Classes 6, Classes 7, Classes 8, Classes 9, Classes 10, and Classes 11–12
  • All national, international, and state education boards, including CBSE, ICSE, ISC, IGCSE, IB, and NIOS.
  • Hindi, English, Math, Science, Social Science (SST), Sanskrit, Computer, and General Knowledge (GK) are the subjects for classes 1 through 10. Class topics for grades 11 through 12
  • Mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, botany, geology, and engineering drawing are all science-related subjects.
  • Human rights and gender studies, public administration, home science, history, geography, civics, political science, sociology, psychology, and philosophy are among the arts-related subjects.
  • Accountancy, Business Studies, Statistics, Legal Studies, and Entrepreneurship are examples of commerce subjects.

Experienced and qualified home tutor in Bhopal

You want to find your child the best tutors at home. Our tutoring services are everything that you need! Our tutors will take personal care of the child and have very patience in teaching to understand easily.

  • Home tutor cares for every student individually so, the student is monitored by the tutor every day.
  • It helps the tutors to understand the student's problems in academics.
  • Easy to identify and fix the problem in ongoing classes.
  • The Student report of every student is noted down by tutors every day.
  • During online classes, tutors can solve the student's doubts.
  • implementing the new teaching methods in teaching. So, students can understand the subject easily.

Home Tutors in Bhopal are available in all regional languages

  • One-on-one online classes, Tutors are available in all Indian languages Sanskrit, Tamil, Kannada, Punjabi, Marathi, Telugu, Urdu, Hindi, and English.
  • Those who are passionate about learning a foreign language can register for free demo classes.
  • Foreign languages we offer, Spoken English, spoken German, spoken French, spoken Spanish, spoken Japanese, spoken Chinese, spoken Arabic, spoken Russian, spoken Italian, and many other foreign languages.
  • This helps the student and tutor both can communicate in their native language.

Female Home tutor in Bhopal

Clenta educational platform has the goodwill of parents. Our female tutors are available for minority students as per their comfort. Tutors are well experienced and experts in their subjects, we offer free classes and demo classes are also available for students to choose a tutor.

Lady tutors are available in Maths, Physics, Chemistry, and Science for all grades.

Home Tutor jobs in Bhopal

Online teaching jobs are rapidly increasing worldwide day by day. Having technologies available the home tutor can also take classes from anywhere like, school, or at work.

By adopting the new methods of teaching by using the latest technology in classes, they gave more flexibility for both students and tutors.

For Online tutors and home tutors, the best platform to register is

Clenta provides online tuition services and also job opportunities for employers, who are looking for part-time and full-time tutoring services. please register as a tutor/teacher.


We provide home tutoring for students who wish to start strong for competitive level exams like Olympiads (IMO, ISO, ICO, IEO, etc.), NTSE, NSTSE, JEE, NEET, and other entrance exams. Without a lagging syllabus, our tutors will cover every topic in the subject. And also tutors will share specially designed materials for competitive teams' points of view.

Our Simplified methods and implementation are the new tricks on problem-solving, analytical thinking, and the ability to solve or take tasks. Focusing on subject matters expects on special classes for a better understanding

How It works

  • The Clenta Home Tutor is Creating a Pathway for Tutors and Students.
  • Clenta Home Tutor assists parents and students in locating the top private tutor in their area.
  • Parents can choose the best private tutor for their child by allowing them to observe a teacher's demo class.
  • Find a replacement if you any time figure out that the tutor isn't the right fit for your child.
  • Every tutor on Clenta Home Tutors is licensed and in possession of all required KYC papers, fostering a relationship of trust between parents and students.
  • Clenta Home Tutor offers qualified home tutors and tutoring positions.
  • For all classes, all courses, and all boards (including CBSE, ICSE, and State Board), Clenta Home Tutor offers home tutors & tuition jobs.

Why Our Tutors Are The Best

Our tutors are highly qualified professionals with a strong track record in the classroom. They have the knowledge and abilities required to support learners of all ages and academic levels in achieving their academic objectives.

  • Very professional and polite in teaching
  • Patience in teaching and understanding the student's problems.
  • Friendly and fun-oriented teaching.
  • Available at any time to clarify the doubts

How do tutors will help to improve students' confidence?

Home tutors can help in improving our child's confidence

  • Finding problematic areas and giving feedback to them
  • Tutor encourages students to unlock their potential.
  • Motivating students to take on tasks.
  • Home Tuition tutor guides the student thing critical analysis

What are the charges of a home tutor in Bhopal?

Tuition fee is charged by tutors as per their individual experience and expertise on the subject. so, the charges for home tutor depends on a lot of factors. you can see the charges/fees of tutors on Clenta/tutors

How to find the best home tutor in Bhopal?

you are looking for the best home tutor for your child visit Clenta. an educational platform that will help you to find the best home tutor in Bhopal and the remaining areas in Bhopal, Kolar Road, Area colony, etc.


Clenta covers which location are Home Tutor in Bhopal.

  • Arera Colony                        Shyamla Hills                       Kolar Road                E-8 Extension   
  • Gulmohar Colony                Hoshangabad Road              Bawadia Kalan          Kolar
  • Ayodhya Bypass Road           MP Nagar                         Trilanga                   Katara Hills
  • Saket Nagar                        Danish Kunj                    Nehru Nagar Etc...

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